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  Jayjun Gold Snow Black Mask Review ♥
Hello everyone! 
I have never been more productive in blogging than now. I have been writing so many reviews these days. I finally wanted to review all these products and feel like I have been so productive, such a nice feeling haha. I'm going on my vacation soon and won't be able to post anything the next two weeks but I really want to post a small travel diary for each country *-*

Back to the review, I got this mask in a Jayjun sheet mask set. You can get it here and if you google a little, you will be able to find a 8% off coupon for your whole order. This set is pretty nice for trying out some Jayjun sheet masks before committing to a full box of 10 masks.

I honestly wasn't too excited to try this one since I heard many people didn't like it that much.

Here is what the sheet mask looks like:
 The back part is golden! :0

 You have to wear this mask for 10~20min. and pat the essence into your skin

Here's another fake check. This striped pattern will appear if you place a magnet behind your Jayjun mask.

This is what it looks like when you open the packaging:
I used this one at night (sorry bad lighting)

It seems like the sheet mask is gold one the front side and white on the back part. It seems to be a two piece sheet mask with a sheet for your upper face part and one for your lower face. I didn't notice a particular strong scent. The were a few small gold flakes in the essence.

The material of the Gold Snow Black mask is very thick and stiff. Eventhough there are tons of slits for a better fit, it didn't fit my face well at all and was way too big and didn't stick to my face well, it kept sticking out. After 15 min. it started to kind of dry up and cling onto my face a lot, it felt like an octopus is trying to cling onto my skin lol

This is the upper part. I couldn't take a good photo of the lower part but it was basically just the same material and the piece had a hole for your mouth.

My experience:
The Gold Snow Black Mask had a slight cooling effect when I put it onto my face. As I already mentioned above, it was super stiff & thick and didn't hold well onto my face for the first few minutes. The fit was way too big everywhere, especially around my nose and chin area. After a while when it started to dry, it clinged onto my skin well though. It seems like the thick material prevents the mask from drying inside because the outside was kind of starting to dry after 20 min. but the inside was still super wet. 

I wore this mask for an hour because I feel like it's a waste to throw away sheet masks that are still drenching wet after 10~20 min. It started to dry after half an hour. My skin looked brightened, more even toned and sticky when I took off this mask. The stickiness disappeared after ~15 min. and my face started to feel so hydrated, soft and plump.

I honestly wouldn't repurchase this mask because I really don't like the fit of this mask. Eventhough it's a two piece sheet mask, the fit is terrible. The worst fit I have ever experiences tbh. The hydration effect of this mask is just pretty average, it hydrates more than the Jayjun Rose Blossom mask though. My personal rating of this mask is therefore 3/5 !

Thank you for reading my review! ♥
I hope you will have a nice day!

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  Review: BBIA Pigment in #3 Sour Taste 신맛 ♥
Hello everyone!!

I'm back with another review, this time I will review a Pigment from BBIA which I have bought a month ago from beautynetkorea.com ! One pigment was only like 2$ so I just put one in my card, I already wanted to try them for a while because they looked so sparkly and pretty on the internet swatches and on videos *-*

I also really want to get some BBIA Gel Liners, I'm waiting for the next BBIA sale though because I'm too stingy to pay the regular price haha.

They come in this very, very small pot:

Bottom of this pot:
You can find an expiration date and the shade number

There's this little lid over the openeing of the pot to prevent spilling or getting to much product. You will need this little lid, trust me haha

This is what they pigment looks like when you pour some out:

They look very chunky and like small crystals when you pour them out but after rubbing them onto your eyelids/hand they will blend to regular glitter eyeshadows. Be careful when applying them on your eyes. Some chunks might fall onto your cheek and create a huge gold eyeshadow spot when you're trying to dust them away.

Here are some swatches:
You can create different sparkle/pigmentation levels.

You can see how much it sparkles and how pretty it is!! ♥

I thought the more photos, the marrier haha. The color is more of a warm toned gold tone! It sparkles so so beautifully under lights! I love this color so much, it's very versatile and can be used on the middle of your eyelid to create some dimension or all over you eyelid to create a very glam/sparkly look ♥

There are some fallouts since the glitters are a little chunky and there are so many of them too! You can put a tissue over you cheek while applying this pigment to prevent fallouts. I have to say that fallouts are very common with pigments though. Try not to spill the it or you will create a huge glitter mess, I actually dropped it on my desk!

 Here are some eye swatches:
BBIA Pigment in #3 Sour Taste 신맛 all over the lid

The pigment is super sparkly with chunky glitters in real life~

I love these pigments and would highly recommend them if you're looking for an extra sparkly touch to your eye looks, it's perfect for that. Do not get them if you hate chunky glitters and fallouts. I think this little pot will last me a long time and I will use this pigment a lot for glam makeup looks~ a little goes a long way!

what I like about it:
- super glittery
- chunky glitters
- pigmentation
- a lot of product (will last a while)
- lasts a long time

what I don't like about it:
- a few fallouts
- can get messy

My personal rating for the BBIA Pigment is 4.5/5 ♥
Thank you for reading my review, I hope you will have a lovely day!

  Review: Jayjun Rose Blossom Mask ♥
Hello everyone!
I'm back with another review. I will review the JayJun Rose Blossom Mask. If you have been following my blog you will know that I bought a set with 5 Jayjun masks to test out and repurchase a whole box if I end up loving them haha.

I really wanted to try this mask because many blogger really seem to liked this mask. I got this from bbcosmetic.com for about ~12$USD. If you search around on the internet, you can find a few 8% off coupon codes as well. If you're looking for a website to get Jayjun sheet mask for a good price, please check out antcosmall.com they're 11~15$ for 10 Jayjun sheet mask! (link)

Let's move onto the review, the packaging of this sheet mask is seriously so cute! I love that it's completely in pink and the Jayjun logo is honestly so aesthetically pleasing haha.

 "Brighten your skin with Rose Water, Nourishing and Hydrating"

Here's a photo of the back:
You can find the ingredients, a user guide and caution on it

You have to place this mask on your face for 10~20 minutes. I honestly like to let it sit on my face longer because I feel like I'm wasting essence if I just take off the sheet mask while it's still drenching wet.

You can also check if your JayJun sheet mask is real by placing a magnet behind this small JJ logo on the front of the sheet mask packaging, like this:

If the logo changes to stripe pattern, the mask is real, else it's a fake. My Rose Blossom sheet mask was fortunately real, yay!

The Jayjun Rose Blossom sheet mask was drenched in essence. The cotton sheet had a brownish color. There was no plastic seperator which made it a little hard to unfold the mask, I had to be very careful to not tear the cotton mask.

This is the shape of the Rose Blossom Mask:
There were two cuts in the jaw area

The cotton material felt very soft and thick. No stiffness and the sheet mask sticked to my face well. The fit was good but too big around my chin area.

 There was a really strong but (for me) pleasant rose scent. It helped me relax but it might be terrible for people who dislike rose scent or strong scents! There was a slight cooling effect and the sheet mask felt very soft and comfortable. It started to dry a little on my forehead and nose area after 30min. I usually wear sheet masks until they start to dry because I feel like taking them off after 10min is a waste when they're still drenching wet ^^;;; I kept this sheet mask on my face for 1 hour. My face felt a little sticky for maybe half an hour? after removing it. There was a small brightening effect but nothing dramatic and my face felt hydrated

Overall, I really really like this mask because of the rose scent and will definitely repurchase. If you're expecting an outstanding hydration and hate rose scent, I wouldn't recommend this mask to you because it hydrates just like a regular sheet mask but I'm so in love with the rose scent!

I will rate this mask as 4/5

Thank you for reading my review!
I hope you will have a great day! ♥

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  Review: The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA ♥
Hello everyone!!
It feels like I have been writing reviews non-stop haha but it feels so nice to finally be able to post something on my beauty blog. I received this moisturizer (and also the Azelaic Acid Suspension) one month ago from my cousin and have been liking this moisturizer a lot! ;-; ♥

I heard so many good things about The Ordinary before and really wanted to try some of their skincare items. They're very well known for producing affordable & effective cosmetics. I'm also eyeing the Rose Hip Oil, Niacinamide serum, Buffet and Serum Foundation because I heard they're great as well!! If you have tried any of them or have any other recommendations, feel free to drop down a comment below!

Let's move onto the review, here's what the moisturizer looks like:

The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA is packaged in a very, very small tube. I was honestly so shocked how small it is, it looks much bigger online imo haha. The opening of this cream is very hard to keep clean but the packaging of this cream is overall very hygienic.

Read more »

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  Review: BBIA Last Lipstick in #4 #12 #13 (Intelligent, Dreamy, Artistic) ♥
Hello everyone!
I don't know if you guys have noticed but I've been blogging a lot these past few days because my exams are finally over and I will go on a trip to Singapore and Bangkok soon, I'm so excited! That also means that I will have a lot of time for the next two weeks and want to blog as much as possible and cross many things off of my "to-do list". My goal is to blog at least every two days now!

Back to the post, I recently ordered 3 BBIA Last Lipsticks on beautynetkorea.com because they had a huge BBIA & EGLIPS sale a few weeks ago. I got super excited and just couldn't resist not getting any of them. One Last Lipstick was only 4$ and an eye pigment was under 2$, I'm still so shocked at the prices! I grabbed the colors #4 Intelligent, #12 Dreamy and #13 Artistic! I couldn't decide which one to get from them so I just got them all HAHA.

Here are some photos of the packaging:

 4 Intelligent / 12 Dreamy / 13 Artistic

Photos of the real BBIA Last Lipstick packaging:

I'm honestly not a big fan of the packaging, they looked super gorgeous on the adervtisement photos because I thought they would be made out of metal but it's actually plastic, so they feel very light and a little cheap tbh.

The packaging of the shade #4 Intelligent is lighter than the other two shades because they're from different series. While #4 is from series 1 the other two Last Lipsticks are from their series 3 which was a fall series.

Here are some snaps of the Last Lipstick bullets:

 4 Intelligent / 12 Dreamy / 13 Artistic

 I just wanted to show the different packaging of the series 1 & 3 haha

Maybe I will get to like the packaging more later on. Also, don't twist up this lipstick too much or it might break! You really have to be careful because the formula of this lipstick is very creamy and soft. More photos with shade names:

Here are some hand swatches:
I took some swatches indoors (above) and outdoors (below) so you can get a better impression of the colors. I feel like shade 12 and shade 13 look very, very similar on the swatches but 13 is more on the red side in rl while 12 has more of an orange undertone to it! They're both definitely no mlbb lipsticks just to warn you guys.

All shades have a matte/velvet finish.

04 Intelligent 지적: Is a rose pink/mauve color. This color seems to be very suitable for everyday wear or work/office makeup. Suppose to be a dupe for NARS Dolce Vita!

12 Dreamy 몽상적: Is pumpkin/rose color with an orange undetone. It's very hard to describe this color because it kind of looks like a MLBB rose color mixed with a pumpkin orange. It's still wearable for daily situations though. I like this shade the best. This shade is more pink/rose than #13.

13 Artistic 예술적: Is a toned down tomato red lipstick with an orange undertone. It's brighter than #12 and more suitable for a classy/feminine-night makeup look imo. It looks like a bright orange/tomato color on my lips. This shade is more red than #12.

I tried to remove the lipsticks after some time with a tissue (no water involved). 

This is what it looked like:

It seems like the lipsticks also kind of stain or "stick" to the skin, like wax. The lipsticks don't feel heavy or thick though, they feel very lightweight and the formula applies very thin and pigmented.

Here are the lip swatches:
I didn't try to make my lips look flawless so you guys can see what it looks like on dry & flaky lips, If you don't have such concersn the colors will probably look like on my upper lip.

Bare lips / 04 Intelligent
13 Artistic / 12 Dreamy

The BBIA Last Lipsticks seem to accentuate dry and flaky lips a little but it doesn't look as bad as with other matte lipsticks. The dry flakes aren't visible from some distance and won't really catch people's eyes I think. I'm probably the best model to test if it accentuates dry & flaky lips because my lips are always dry and flaky no matter how much lip balm I apply. The darker shades look very, very orange on the photos but in real life, they're more red (it was very hard to catch the real colors). They look more like on my outdoor hand swatches (second one)! They feel very comfortable and lightweight on my lips and the brighter shades will even stain a little and stay after eating a small amount of non-greasy food.

I honestly really, really like these lipsticks and think they're absolutely worth the price (4~6$). You have to be careful when picking a shade because it seems like the advertisement photos from BBIA aren't accurate at all so you should try to find some more reviews of your shade. However, I think everyone will love shade #04 Intelligent because it's very natural and versatile. Suzy wore this in one of her photoshootings.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment them down below or send me a message! ♥

Thank you for reading my review!
I hope you will have a lovely day! ♥

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